WarrantyTerms & Conditions

Maintenance services

1. Within warranty period from the date of purchase if a performance fault that is not caused by human

induced damage occurs on the host of the product, you could enjoy free maintenance services:-

a) Transmission warranty valid for 1 years from the date of purchase.

b) LCD, touch button, bluetooth, touch pad, heart rate monitor , pedometer steps calculation, mic and speaker warranty valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

c) Battery warranty valid for 3months from the date of purchase.

Non-warranty scope

1. Damage caused by transportation or loading and unloading during return or replacement or repair.

2. Any modification, disassembly, or repair without Phl smartwatch authorization.

3. Product damage caused by accidental or man-made behaviors, such as liquid damage, falling, input unsuitable voltage, excessive extrusion, main board deformation, etc. And other phenomena are also included, for example, the power adapter is damaged, cracked, broken or deformed, and the power cable is damaged, broken or bare.

4. Product faults or damage due to improper installation, use, or maintenance, is excluded from warranty coverage.

5. The warranty period has expired.

6. Product faults or damage caused by force majeure events such as fire, earthquake, and flood, or similar events beyond the control of ZEBLAZE are excluded from warranty cover.

7. LCD vertical lines and half white or black

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